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Do You Want To Know Some Fascinating Facts About Pluto? Read This!

Before, Pluto was part of the major planets in our solar system. Since its discovery in 1930, it is said to be the smallest and farthest planet from the sun. However, when the scientist discovered the planet ‘Etis’ that is said to be bigger than Pluto, it was then moved to a different group, where it all planets in that group are classified as a dwarf planet.

Pluto also has an atmosphere. Earlier, our scientists thought that Pluto did not have an atmosphere, but it does. It only disappears very quickly. Here’s what happens – Scientists concluded that it does not have an atmosphere because the nitrogen gas and methane gas this planet has; the methane gas dissolves and evaporates, and becomes a thin atmosphere. However, this atmosphere will soon disappear.

Since the planet Pluto became a new member of the dwarf planets, it now belongs to the group of planet in the Kuiper Belt.

Pluto has five known moons namely Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx.

Do you know where this planet got its name from? Well, this planet is the only planet in the solar system that is named after a child. Her name is Venetia Burney, a grade school student, who suggested the name Pluto to her grandfather. This name is the name of the God of the underworld.

Oh! Did you also know that Pluto and Neptune intersects when they are rotating around the sun? Yes, that is true! The planet Pluto’s orbit lies with the orbit of Neptune. This is what they make the planets intersect with each other when they are rotating around the sun.

The mass of this planet is only .024 percent of the mass of the Earth. So you should have a clearer vision of how small the planet Pluto is.

One more thing about the planet Pluto is that it does not have a ring. This is very unlikely, because all of the planets in the outer part of the solar system have their own rings. This is what intrigued many scientists. Because up until today, they are still conducting major researches, trying to find out if the Pluto really does not have a ring.

This planet has no spacecraft on its surface yet. But NASA’s spacecraft New Horizon is on its way to the planets territory. This spacecraft is hoping to approach the planet in 2015 and can come back on Earth after a 12-year journey.

This planet was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. It is believed that the remains of Tombaugh will be sent with the spacecraft New Horizon as it makes it way to the planet Pluto.

This planet is the only planet that can’t be seen using an ordinary telescope. This planet is so far from the sun, which is why scientists finds it very hard to conclude more facts about it.

These are the different interesting facts that you will like about the planet Pluto.

The Planet Pluto

The Planet Pluto

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