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Do You Want To Know Some Interesting Facts About Mars?

Did you know that Mars is also known as the “Red Planet” and the planet that is said to be a possible habitat of us humans? Well, that is what they said. Look below and learn more about the interesting facts about Mars.

  1. This planet is named after the Roman God of War. Because of its color, it was also called as the Red Planet.
  2. The earth month “March” is named after this planet.
  3. The truth is – no human can survive in the red planet because of its low pressure. The oxygen on your blood will form into bubbles causing an immediate death.
  4. When Mars is closer to the sun, the planet can produce a deadly king of storm that can cover the whole planet. Only the highest terrains of the planet can survive.
  5. Mars has the highest mountain and deepest valley in the solar system.
  6. This planet is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest.
  7. The environment of the planet is close to the planet earth, but still its environment is not suitable for humans, scientist said. It is like a big desert.
  8. Mars and earth have the same axial tilt. Its season is the same with the earth. Mars has winter, spring, summer, and fall.
  9. Earth has 24 hours in a day while this planet has 24 hours and 37 minutes. It has 687 days in a year while earth only has 365 days.
  10. The satellite of the planet was first predicted by a psychic named Jonathan Swift year before it was discovered in 1877.
  11. The planet has two satellites named Phobos and Deimos. Phobos is the smallest satellite in the universe.
  12. The two satellites were named after the God of War two companions Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic).
  13. Phobos is so near to the surface of the planet in the distance of 3,000 miles. Million years from now, scientist believed that the planet and Phobos would crash and create small or faint rings around the planet. After a million years or so, the ting will fall back to the planet surface.
  14. The temperature on this planet can range from -81 degree celsius to -205 degree celsius.
  15. Scientist said that billions of years ago, the planet has water and flooded by rains and oceans.
  16. The planets northern and southern hemisphere was like two different planets. They possess different features and characteristic. In the southern region, the surface where cratered and have high terrains. While on the other part, there were fewer craters.
  17. Mars atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide. This means that human cant breath in this kind of atmosphere.
  18. This planet possessed the highest mountain named, Olympus Mon (Mount Olympus). The height of this mountain is three time of the Mount Everest. This mountain was built because of lava flows. This is also the largest volcano in the solar system.
  19. Valles Marineris is the deepest valley in the solar system. It is 4,000 kilometers long and 7 kilometers deep.
  20. If the planet Venus symbolizes female, this planet symbolizes male.

There’s still more to know and like about Mars. This is all for now.

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