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If You Think You Know The Earth We Are Living In Already, You Are Wrong!

Living in this planet does not mean that you already know everything about it. There are still a lot of amazing facts that will make you realize how beautiful and unique our planet is. Read this article and discover more about the world we are living in.

Our Beautiful Earth!

Our Beautiful Earth!

  • The name ‘earth’ is the only name for a planet that did not come from the roman or Greek mythology. The name of our planet came from an old English dictionary. It has a Germanic origin “er”. Our planet’s name has many versions depending on the different languages. In Roman Mythology, earth is Tellus and Gala in Greek mythology. Nobody really knows who really gave the name Earth.
  • Our planet has a twin planet named Thela. Billion years ago, Thela and earth shared the same orbit, and ended when they collided. This collision is the cause of the formation of the planet’s satellite.
  • Earth itself is a living organism. When we hear the word living organism, the first thing that comes to our minds is that it has a tendency to grow. Quite frankly, it does! According to studies, earth is a self regulating organism. Science is still trying to prove this theory and they are near in finding out about it.
  • Our planet’s color is blue. Astronauts refer to earth as the Blue Planet. The reason for this is because the planet is composed of 80% of earth’s surface is covered with water.
  • Earth can create its own heat. Even without the help of the sun, this planet can still survive because it can produce its own heat that is coming from its core. This heat is enough to supply the needed heat of humans and other living things. Its inner core temperature can reach up to 7,000 degrees celsius.
  • The planets shape is not round. Its actual shape is oblate spheroid. This shape is flatten on the top and bulge in the middle.
  • In the future, there will be 25.5 hours in a day. As of this days, one day on earth consist of 24 hours but after millions of years from now, one day will be 1.5 hours longer. This is because of the slower rotation of our planet earth on its axis in the future.
  • The planet earth’s surface is in constant movement. Million years from now, the continent that we knew these days will change. There will be a big continent due to the movement of the planets tectonic plates. Aside from having earthquake, the movement of plates will result in building new mountains and valleys.
  • Planet earth’s period of revolution to the sun is not 365 days. It is actually 365.2564 days. This is why we have the s called leap year. They added one day to the month of February to complete that extra .2564 day.
  • The most important and unique characteristic of earth is that this is the only planet in the solar system that can sustain life.

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