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Interesting Facts About The Planet Venus

The planet Venus’ name was actually derived from the name of a Roman Goddess. It is the brightest planet in the solar system. It is very easy to spot the planet Venus; in fact, you can see it without the use of a telescope. This is because Venus is very close to the planet earth. Since this planet is so bright, many are speculating if this planet also has rings like Jupiter. This is because the rings of Jupiter gives the planet massive brightness.

But upon studies after studies, our scientists concluded that the planet Venus does not have rings. Despite its brightness, it does not have rings like Jupiter. Venus does not have moons too. It did though, billion years ago, but the Venus moon disappeared, which they believe to have collided with a floating object.

Why Are There No Rings In The Venus Planet?

The rings of Saturn and Jupiter were formed out from the dust and particles that were rotating around its orbit. Like for example in Jupiter, water ice and dust particles that were circling on its orbit were attracted by this planet’s gravitational force. It was formed into a chunk of ice and formed together to become this planet’s ring. This is how the rings of Jupiter & Saturn was formed.

Venus on the other hand is a very hot planet. In fact, it is the hottest planet in the solar system. How can this planet possibly form a ring, if its temperature can actually reach the point of melting a hard substance like lead?

Another reason is that the particles and ice water would have blown away by the sun’s solar wind. So there really is no chance for a ring formation in Venus.

Lastly, the planet Venus does not have a satellite. If only this planet have moon, it could have ejected particles that can possibly form into a ring just like what happened to the planet Saturn. Because Saturn have numerous moon, generous amount of dust particles were ejected from these satellites that maintains the structure of the planet’s beautiful ring.

Why Does This Planet Have No Satellite, While Others Have Numerous?

Only the planet Venus and Mercury are the only planets in the universe that does not have satellites. Some planets achieved its moon because of its strong gravitational force. They are likely comets and asteroid that were attracted to its gravity and stayed in its orbit.

In the case of Venus, astronomers believed that a long time ago, it has its own satellite. However, as the years go by, and changes happened in our solar system, it might have crashed to the surface of the planet and deteriorated on its orbit. Another reason is that this satellite was blown away by the solar wind and flew far away from this planets orbit and attracted by others planet gravity. This is how our planet earth gets its satellite. They said that Earth’s moon was obtained because some satellite and its planet might have crashed and this moon was attracted by the gravity of the planet earth.

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